11.856887, 47.032348

Discovery Date: 2026-07-30 07:50:16 UTC
Discovery MJD: 61251.33
Disc y-Mag: 3908703.67±5600.54
Latest Date: 2026-11-19 05:30:04 UTC
Latest MJD: 61363.23
Latest y-Mag: -7841.77±1261.73
Peak Mag -201089.22±917.79 (r-band)
Peak Date 2026-10-11 04:54:39
Peak MJD 61324.20
Detection Count (excluding neg flux detections)
Equatorial Coords 00:47:25.653, 47:01:56.453
Galactic Coords ,
Ecliptic Coords 32.169070, 37.999225

Transient Name Server

This transient has probably not been reported to the TNS as yet. Check the TNS directly at this location.

Sherlock Contextual Classification

Prediction: Supernova

This is a fake classification.

Difference Image Lightcurve

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