89.257098, 40.009582

Discovery Date: 2026-08-23 08:11:20 UTC
Discovery MJD: 61275.34
Disc i-Mag: -1069.47±807.80
Latest Date: 2026-11-19 06:08:18 UTC
Latest MJD: 61363.26
Latest i-Mag: -1303.88±814.31
Peak Mag -1303.88±814.31 (i-band)
Peak Date 2026-11-19 06:08:18
Peak MJD 61363.26
Detection Count (excluding neg flux detections)
Equatorial Coords 05:57:1.704, 40:00:34.495
Galactic Coords ,
Ecliptic Coords 89.406330, 16.571822

Transient Name Server

This transient has probably not been reported to the TNS as yet. Check the TNS directly at this location.

Sherlock Contextual Classification

Prediction: Supernova

This is a fake classification.

Difference Image Lightcurve

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